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The owner of cob change of behavior has spent 23 years in Special Operations most of which in the US Navy SEAL Teams. With multiple deployments since 2002 to all the combat zones in the world. As a Master Training Specialists training everyone from top tier operators to young children.

Tactical programming is based on an approach that utilizes both data and subconscious level training to achieve optimal results. Talent, effort, and training are the cornerstones of this philosophy. By using specific training methods, we can identify and analyse the areas that need improvement and adjust the program accordingly. This approach allows for targeted training that is efficient and effective.


Discover a world of knowledge with our diverse range of courses designed to meet your learning needs. From skill-building workshops to in-depth academic programs, embark on a journey of personal and professional growth with us.

Precision Scoped Rifle Level One

This is a 2 Day Course with the following subjects covered: Gun Setup, Scope Mounting, Fundamentals of the Prone Position, Zero and Chrono, Basic Ballistic Ap Inputs and Data Cards, Internal Ballistics, External Ballistics Pt1, Density Altitude

Being a good Spotter and Conducting Talk-ons, Wind Considerations, Horizontal Holds

Levels of Cleaning and Maintenance, Introduction to a supported position

Precision Scoped Rifle Level Two

This is a 2 Day Course with the following subjects covered: Zero Offset, Develop a Range Card, Dope Cards. External Ballistics Pt2. Spotting and Reading Trace, Wind Considerations Pt2, Adv Supported positions, Tripod Use, Introduction of Stress